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Meet us at Industrial Automation Shanghai 2016, China 1-5 November, 2016, Stand #B096, Hall #6.1.与您相约2016上海...
25 October 2016, Elmo China, Guangzhou, China– aleading provider of advanced and cost-effective motion control solutions will exhibit a variety of servo drives and multi-axis motion controllers with advanced networking and high intelligence suited for manufacturing automation, industrial robotics, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), and packaging technologies atIndustrial Automation Shanghai 2016.


Elmo’s wide range of top performing motion control products, make it a one-stop-shop for any motion application. With the best-in-class Servo performance at the core of the technology, accompanied with power conversion innovation and compact product design, Elmo servo drives are ideal for today’s demanding industrial requirements. Highly efficient operation and lean product design allow manufacturers to install the drives right at the axes of motion (or on them).  This philosophy of “Mount-it-Anywhere” eliminates the need for bulky electrical cabinets, reduces cables and resulting EMI (or any EMI prevention filters), and reduces product footprint as well as overall price. Top motion performance is therefore matched with improved product design, “green” operation, and high reliability.   Elmo’s Platinum Maestro is a feature-rich multi-axis motion controller, and is the best match for operating Elmo drives and maximizing machine performance.  Together with Elmo’s user friendly ‘Elmo Application Studio’ (EAS), setting up, configuring, and operating industrial machines and robotics is extremely simple, making them ready the increasing challenge of Flexibility. The EASII is an advanced wizard based tuning tool, with built in IEC 61131-3 programming environment, EtherCAT configuration and diagnostics tools, and single/multi axis simulation and operation tools.
Elmo的宽泛的顶级运动控制产品,可以为任何运动应用提供一站式解决方案。在核心技术拥有同级最好的伺服特性,带有创新的功率转换和紧凑的产品设计,Elmo伺服驱动是当今苛刻的工业需求的理想产品。高效的操作和倾向性的产品设计允许生产者把驱动器直接安装在电机上。“在任意位置安装”的理念消除了对体积庞大的电控柜的需求,减少了线缆和电磁干扰带来的影响,同时见笑了产品的体积和成本。顶级的运动性能是与产品设计相匹配的,”绿色”操作,以及高可靠性。Elmo的白金版Maestro是一款功能多样的多轴运动控制器,是Elmo驱动器和最佳机器性能的最好搭档。和Elmo友好的EAS软件一起使用,使得安装,配置,操作工业机器和机器人变得非常简单,让它们准备好适应更强的挑战。EASII软件是一款高级的以向导为基础的调试工具,内置IEC 1131-3编程环境,EtherCAT配置和诊断工具,以及单/多轴仿真和操作工具。
Robotic applications, both industrial and non-industrial alike, rely on Elmo’s technology for improved performance, high and stable throughput, utmost safety (SIL-3 STO), and ultimate reliability. With efficient networking, plenty of multi-axis capabilities built in Kinematic support, and ‘Software-in-the-Loop” (SIL), it is safe to say Elmo provides the perfect motion for any Robot. 
机器人应用,不论是工业级的还是非工业级的应用,都依赖ELMO的技术以增强性能,稳定的和高速的生产力,极度的安全性(SIL-3 STO),以及极度的可靠性。通过高效的网络,支持内建大量的多轴运动学解算能力,以及‘Software-in-the-Loop’(SIL)功能,保障了Elmo可以为任何机器人提供完美的运动。 
Platinum Maestro, PureControl, Pure  Genius
The Platinum Maestro exhibits cutting edge motion control technologies, fast & simple machine development process, Stable throughput, lasting reliability and high competitiveness .This  Controller incorporates an integral high-level computational Dual-core system (  2×1.5 GHz) with limitless memory (RAM, ROM, and SD-Card), and onboard additional hardware peripherals. Extremely efficient and certified EtherCAT networking with cycle time down to 250µs afford precise and fast machine motion.
Platinum Maestro展示了划时代的运动控制技术,快速而简单的机器开发过程、稳定的产能、持久的可靠性以及高度的竞争力。
Platinum Maestro运动控制器集成了一个高端双核系统(2×1.5 GHz)、无限的存储容量(RAM、ROM和SD记忆卡)和附加的板载外设硬件接口。经过认证的高效EtherCAT网络,支持最短250μs总线周期,带来高速精准的运动控制性能。
4000 Watts of High Precision Servo Power
Elmo will present its revolutionary NANO servo drive Gold Twitteris the smallest, high-powered servo drive on the market today. Weighing just 18 grams and less than 13 cm3 in volume, the Gold Twitter delivers up to 4000 watts of qualitative power, ultra-high current of up to 50A and up to 200V with advanced servo capabilities and support for EtherCAT or CANopen networking communication.  
 Elmo将为您展示革命性的纳米级伺服驱动器Gold Twitter, 它是现今市场上体积最小的高功率输出伺服驱动器。重量仅18克,体积仅13立方厘米,它可以输出高达4000瓦的有效功率,电流达50A,母线电压高达200V,具备高级的伺服性能,支持EtherCAT和CANopen总线协议。
About Elmo Motion Control
Elmo develops and manufactures cutting-edge servo drives and network motion controllers that are one-stop solutions for any motion control technology. As a leading global company with millions of servo drives in operation, we have over 25 years of proven experience bringing our customers profitability and success. With a focus on highest performance, efficiency, reliability, safety, ease-of-use and compliance to standards, Elmo’s solutions are chosen by leading machine manufacturers in nearly every industry around the world.
Media Contact:Mrs. Noa Oren, Marketing Communications Manager
                   E-mail: noao@elmomc.com        Tel: +972-3-929-2377          Fax: +972-3-929-2322
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